What is ERAToken?


ERAToken (ERA) is a decentralized Token built on blockchain base on TRON (the Tron network) that offers a modularized and modern way to give benifit to all Involved users. Its aims to bring businesses and developers together to solve real world problems with the shared values of transparency, fee less transactions, social and economic inclusion, environmental sustainability.

Power of Blockchain

We've built a token to buy and sell shares.

We’re reinventing the global equity blockchain base on TRON (TRX) – that is secure, smart and easy-to-use platform, and completely disrupting the way businesses raise capital and the way investors buy and sell shares. Also, we inviting all people to do the liquidity pool as a passive income

ERAToken (ERA) Amusement Park

ERAToken (ERA) Overview

ERAToken (ERA), (also referred to as “ERAToken” or “ERA”) is a new-generation of underlying blockchain network. ERAToken (ERA) originates from ERAToken Network, a symbol that represents the birth of “Five Times Interlacing”, explores the cause and effect underlying everything, and goes after the development history and results of intertwined networks with a view to pursue a desirable blockchain world in the future.

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Executive Summary

The ERAToken (ERA) supports connection to each blockchain network, fragmented centralized system and participating entities and enables support for and connection to business scenario. As a hub for exchanges of values, the ERAToken (ERA).Protocol combines cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence to provide perfect support for business scenario. See the network application chapter for more details on the application of the ERAToken (ERA) in some business areas. Even though ERAToken (ERA) Core currently runs on all the above configurations as a pure dApp, we have ultimately implemented the native ERAToken (ERA) app with an Electron wrapper for its intuitive installation and familiar user interface, and injected TronLink (TRON NETWORK)

How it work

Best Features

The ERAToken (ERA) Team combines a passion for esports, industry experise & proven record in finance, development, marketing.

Ultra Fast & Secure
Instant Private Transaction

Millions of datasets indexedin

Highly Scalable
Limitless Applications

A proprietary version .

Reliable & Low Cost
Instant secure Transaction

TRON/USDT Payment Method.

ERAToken (ERA)

The Solution

ERAToken (ERA) is a decentralized Token built on the blockchain base on TRON (the Tron network) that offers a modularized and modern way to give benifit to all Involved users


A unbiased arbitration system is needed for cases where conflict is not explicitly resolved in the smart contract code. The properties of the TRON (the Tron network) blockchain present unique opportunities for the creation and management of decentralized organizations


The error is always between the chair and the keyboard. Code can contain bugs so the software needs to be easily upgradeable, and a sound bug boun-ty mechanism must exist to incentivize potential attackers to claim a bounty, rather than attack.


Monetization around certain protocols and systems is un-clear at this point. Some players will be key to making organization possible, so a simple reward mechanism is needed.


ERAToken (ERA) Blockchain will apply a unique DSC consensus ingeniously developed by ERAToken (ERA). Reasonable governance structure, efficient incentives and underlying sharding technologies will be combined with DSC to significantly enhance the efficiency, security and consistency of the ERAToken (ERA) platform.


Token Information

  • Token Name ERAToken
  • Token Symbol ERA
  • Total Supply 100,000 ERA
  • Token Price 1 ERA = 50TRX (Start Price)
  • TokenTracker ERAToken (ERA)
  • Specifications TRC20 Token
  • Contract Address TMuDaymkKrthGSRYqZWLoH8cDnvAoqoRw2

Token Allocation

Total Supply:– 100,000 Token (100%)
Circulating Supply:- Only 50,000 Tokens (50%)
Presale & DeFi Platform

1. Presale 1,000 ERA (1%)
2. DeFi Platform 49,000 ERA (49%)
3. Marketing & Operating 20,000 ERA (20%)
4. Development 10,000 ERA (10%)
5. Airdrop & Bounty 2,000 ERA (2%)
6. Team and Founder 8,000 ERA (8%)
7. Social Grant 5,000 ERA (5%)
8. Lock Token 5,000 ERA (5%)

Operating Allocation

ICO market

Marketing Strategy and Sales Strategy
DeFi Allocation (8 Years)

ERAToken (ERA) intends to adopt the following marketing and sales strategy in providing service to our various customers.

  • 2 January - 30 June 2021 : 500 ERA (0.5%) Token For Sale
  • July - December 2021 : 500 ERA (0.5%) Token For Sale
  • January - December 2022 : 2000 ERA (2%) Token For Sale
  • January - December 2023 : 3000 ERA (3%) Token For Sale
  • January - December 2024 : 4000 ERA (4%) Token For Sale

Road Map

Our team working hardly to make archive.

2020 August
2020 September
2020 November
Website Info Update
2020 December
Project launch
2021 January
More Info update
More Info update
More Info update
2021 July
Release on Big Exchange, Increase Community, Development Various DeFI Platform, Marketing Online and Airdrop and Bounty Challenge
2021 February
Listing on CMC and Coingecko, Listing on CCTip, Listing On Several Exchanger
2021 January
Justswap Listing

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